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[bree-gah-de-roh] is a scrumptious bite-size Brazilian chocolate sweet.
It is best described as a cross between truffles, caramels and fudge – but they are so much more than that!

Our Mission

Chocollata hopes that all our customers can experience moments of happiness granted by the smell , beauty and flavor of our brigadeiros. We hope to evoke those sweet childhood memories when a child tries Chocolate for the first time. Brigadeiros are more then just chocolate they are sensations – experiences

Always Handmade

All of our Brigadeiros are made to order with only the highest quality ingredients, by hand, every step of the way with lots of Love! Each batch is hand-stirred and monitored under watchful eyes making it unique. As they say good food takes time and this is no different.

Always Innovating

We will always have the traditional Brigadeiro flavours which are delightful and timeless. But as with any passion there comes the need for creativity and innovation. We strive to bring new delightful varieties of Brigadeiro to market and share with our customers.

Always Beautiful

Each Brigadeiro is hand rolled and different toppings are placed some taking longer then others, as we treat these as jewelry, and every box is hand-wrapped to perfection.

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